Truly Effective Techniques

Truly Effective Techniques

Truly Effective Techniques to Help You Stop Putting Off workout/Training and Start Making Changes to Your Health.

Some ideas you’ll find, will help you get more done in less time. They’ve worked for thousands of others and I know they’ll work for you.

Procrastination is a universal issue and it crops up here and there, but it doesn’t have to steal as much time and peace and productivity as it does. Like any weight problem, ie. Loss or gain weight, build muscle and/or get fit and strong, there always are practical tools you can use to eliminate the habit.

Just imagine what life would be like if you never put things off. You did your daily work, went to the gym, read books, spent time with loved ones etc. etc. Just imagine you say you want to do something and then you actually do it, on time. It would be incredible. But even more so it would be satisfying. You would make things happen. You would be reliable and consistent. No more mental burden – you would be free. And people would respect you. Cause lets be honest here, if you are not any of the above what is life really like?

It’s possible. All you need to do is follow some simple steps.

There are two types of people. One says they want to make something happen. The other does it.
I know you’ve heard it before!

Think of one task that you’ve been putting it off. It’s been at the mercy of your procrastinating ways. For the sake of argument and since you are in this blog, lets say you’ve been meaning to get started with a gym. Have a health diet book and meaning to start reading it. Now, think of one small step you could take right now.
Then just go ahead and do it.

Don’t postpone it or think about it. Don’t give yourself a list of reasons why it can’t be done today. If it’s humanly possible to do it right now then do it right now. This one step is small, but the transformation will be huge. If you can follow through on this, you can do anything.

“I Am, What I Will To Be”

Prove to yourself that you’re serious. Go and sign up for the Gym, that you go pass everyday. Go and read the 5 pages of that health diet book you’ve got sitting on your kitchen table and then go out and do you’re shopping to cook that meal. Or go and kiss the one you love and let them know.

Define what you are trying to achieve first. Before you go to bed tonight, make a list of things you want to do tomorrow. The next night review your list, cross off everything you did finish and circling everything not finished.
Now look at your circles. Do this for a whole week.

Pointers: 1- how bad of a procrastinator you really are 2- where you’re good 3- where you’re bad.

It’s hard to change everything quickly. This requires baby steps.

Make a chart – Write down the tasks when you want to finish – When the job is done. Record the actual date and time.

Now you know, precisely, how long you put off certain jobs/tasks. You can now add gaps for all of your jobs/tasks.

Soon enough you’ll start recognising progress. That progress will keep you going. And make you a reliable person.

Sometimes you have no way out. It’s like shaving half your face at night. Is there any possibility you won’t be up early morning to finish the job? Whether you want to or not, you’re getting up. You left no choice. You made a commitment.

You make a commitment, to yourself or others, that can’t easily be ignored.

What commitment can you make today to yourself?

What do you do when you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing?

Watch television instead of cleaning the basement? go out with friends instead of studying or writing that report? Go online and relentlessly check Facebook or your e- mail when you know you should be researching for that report?

The better you know your distractions, the easier it will be to avoid them.

Take time this week to make a list of “Your No-Go Areas/Zones”. Then write down ways to avoid them: change in your schedule, a new routine, close off all social media etc.

Sometimes we schedule things at the wrong time and end up not doing. One of the team members here at MFW had planned to do her routine exercises first thing in the morning before heading to work.

She never got around to it. As she put it “I didn’t feel like bursting out of the door every morning for a workout”.

Then another team member moved into the same building.

And asked her if she wanted to hit the treadmill with her at night, after work. They agreed. She actually enjoyed the workout at night.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to exercise; it was simply that she chose the wrong time for her workout.

What tasks/jobs are you putting off that could be re-scheduled? Make some changes. You’ll be surprised at what life enhancer that can be.

When do you get the most of your work done? Morning? Afternoon? Late night?

Bit like the re-scheduling, chances are that you are more productive at certain times of the day or night. I’m a night owl and get the bulk of my work done in the evening.

Because I know this, I add tasks to this time mainly. And I know it will get done. I workout anytime from 6pm to 8pm and I haven’t missed my workout in the last 6 years.

Uncover your most productive times and schedule your to-do tasks/jobs accordingly.

Why are you procrastinating?

Obvious question considering the goal is to stop doing it. Even so, people don’t ask it often enough.

There’s a simple solution for every reason people put things off. If I were struggling with perfectionism and you were over-worked, the solution to both problems wont be the same. One needs a change in perspective and the other needs time management.

The only way to pick the right solution is to know the cause of the problem.

Are you scared? Anxious? Bored? Tired? Uninformed? Indecisive? Unfocused? Disorganised? Stressed?

Simply knowing the cause of the problem can be enough to reveal a simple answer.

5min is what’s required from you.

Can you do whatever needs to be done for just 5 min? You can. And when you do, it becomes clear whether you will enjoy it or not and before you know it, the start becomes the finish. This is especially true in getting into doing your workouts, going to the gym, or that run in the park after work.
Because the hardest part is to get it started. Once you get it started, the rest is a fun-filled, energized body. But that first push—that first step is why I am writing this. Because I know how many people out their want to, but cant or wont and all it takes is that 5 min rule.

Don’t focus on the pain or tiredness. Focus on how you feel and look after your workout.

As with most things in life, we want to get from here to there without crossing the middle. We want the lean bodies but don’t want to sweat for it or eat bland oatmeal. We want the cozy retirement but not the saving. We want the results but not the wait.

Most people get caught up in the middle. They focus on the work, the pain. The more negatives you connect to your goals, the less likely you’ll act and achieve that “End Result”.

Focus on the end result. Imagine what you’ll feel like when you finished your 45 min in the gym or that run you’ve been thinking about. Think about what you’ll get when you’re done with your first healthy meal plan, you did your 30 min’s on the bike or you downloaded the “6-Pack Abs in 6 Weeks” pdf and planned your day or eve in the gym – The End Result.

Procrastination trains you to play it safe, to never take risks. It traps you where you are. It makes you avoid difficult decisions. It stops you from being healthy. It makes you an observer instead of a doer. It builds you into an unfit, unhealthy individual. It kills progress, ruins goals, and limits your life.

It puts off your happiness.

And then you look back and say to yourself “Only If …”

So start right now with these 4 steps:
1.    Realize you’re procrastinating.
2.    Uncover your reasons for doing it.
3.    Counter those reasons as to why are they wrong?
4.    And then just go and do it.

Commit to your goal, keep trying, keep fighting and you WILL get there.

Enjoy the small steps of progress on your mile-long trip

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To Your Health