How to build muscle

How to Build Muscle:


The biggest mistake you can make trying to develop muscle is doing routines from what you see in the magazines etc. Most of the guys in these mags don’t train naturally. Their routines are around 4 to 5 hrs a day in the gym. They may be models, fitness trainers and/or pro body builders. It would be impossible to keep up with their routines.

Then there are these “Myths” on weight training. Needless to say they are just myths and if you want to know more go here and now lets swiftly move forward to more sensible conversation….

The average person like you and me needs a different approach. One that builds muscle fast and prevents physical & mental over training. Here’s how to develop muscle: The Fundamental Information on Developing Muscle

Do Complete Body Workout – Doing isolation exercises with different parts of the body is fine once you’ve built a foundation. That’s once you can push 300lbs doing squats.

If you never done Squats before? Then check out TT

Use Free Weights – Using barbells you can actually lift more weight. More weight puts more stress on muscles, therefore more muscle (Don’t forget recovery time of about a day for each muscle group workout) Dumbbells are great for what I call side exercise, like if you are working on separate shoulder muscle groups. Minimise the use of machines. They tend to give false hope.

Free weights force you to control and balance the weight. Hence a better workout than using machines.

Get More powerful – Get into strength training. Add more weight each week and in doing so put your body out of comfort zone. And that would make you stronger. More strength means more muscle.

Compound Exercises – Isolation exercises are ok once you’ve built base strength & muscle mass. But if you’re starting to build muscle, work on exercises that hit several muscles at the same time and you will see better results sooner.

Instead of Bicep Curls DO Pull-ups, Chin-ups & Barbell Rows
Instead of Tricep Kickbacks DO Bench Press, Overhead Press and Dips
Instead of Leg Extensions DO The squat & Deadlifts

Gain Weight – If you weigh around 140lbs at 6″ tall. No matter how much exercising you do, you just wont look muscular. Check the guide on how to gain weight with muscle for skinny guys NO NONSENSE MUSCLE BUILDING.

• Eat heavy Calorie based Foods. 100g raw spinach is 25k cals. But 100g raw rice is 380k cals. pasta, oats, olive oil, mixed nuts, etc they are all good calorie based foods.

• Get Stronger. As mentioned before increase your Squat to at least 300lbs. Strength gains = Muscle size. To build muscle You’ve got to get stronger.

• Drink Whole Milk. Drink about 4 pints of whole milk daily on top of your current food intake. Combining this with 3 weekly Squat sessions You can gain 20lbs of good healthy weight in couple of months.

Work those Legs – Squats is a best exercise to work your whole body, it’s the most important exercise in workout/routine. Once you can Squat 300lbs You’ll feel and look totally different.

Take Protein – Anything that helps you recover faster from a workout will allow you to do more to make you stronger. Scientists have known for years that you recover faster by eating immediately after you finish your workout. Now we know that eating extra protein helps you recover even faster. You need 1g protein per pound of body-weight everyday to build up & sustain muscle. That’s 160g of protein everyday if you weigh 160lbs (11.4 Stn).

Red meat. Ground round beef, deer, buffalo meat
Poultry. chicken breast, whole chicken, chicken, Turkey
Fish. Tuna, sardines, mackerel
Egg. Eat the yolk, it’s filled with vitamins
Dairy. milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, whey

Eat Whole Meals – You’ll achieve lower bady fat, so the muscle you’ve built show better. And the vitamin & mineral content allows restore. Stop consuming food that comes ready made in a box. Eat healthy meals, freshly cocked meals 90% of the time. Check out this Diet 250 Fat Torching Recipes.

• Proteins – Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk
• Carbs – Brown rice, oats, whole grain pasta, quinoa
• Veggies – Spinach, broccoli, tomato, salad, carrot
• Fruits – Banana, orange, apple, pineapple, peers
• Fats – Olive oil, fish oil, real butter, nuts, flax seeds

Eat More – Training is more vital than eating plan for muscle development. But you do need to provide the foods your body needs for optimal recovery. Most people don’t eat enough, you got to eat more to develop muscle and strength.

Breakfast. Get calorie consumption from the first hour in the morning.

Eat Every 3 Hrs. That’s 6 meals/day. Gives your muscles a steady consumption of protein, speeds up muscle repair & boosts your metabolism.

Get Recovery – Professional sports people exercise 5-6 times weekly. They added workouts as they got stronger & bigger. To get to that stage you will need very strict recovery periods in your workouts. Otherwise you will over train.

Rest. Muscles develop when you rest, after exercise. Focus on 3 full body workouts weekly and focus on intensity, not how much time you spend in the gym.

Sleep. Muscles develop when you sleep (very important). Aim for 8 hours sleep.

Drink Water. Avoids dehydration and helps muscle recovery. Consume 2 cups water with every meal, and sip water during your exercise.

And final note: persist on a change in your health, body and mind. Get stronger by pushing the boundary and track progress. You’ll see the greatest change in your physique after following this method for 6 to 8 weeks.

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