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Three words that describe for any man and a woman, that in order to be fit, toned and healthy in body & mind you need any one of the three. The end result for all three is the same – well-being in body & mind, healthy, toned body.

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If you want to be fit, toned and healthy, then it starts with these three words. If you have neither the time nor the desire to go to a gym, then you will find everything you need right here to set up your own Muscle Fitness Workout at your own place. And even if you do have a gym membership, you will still want to stop by often to find out the latest know-how, trends in gym and general fitness training.

Unless you have a desire to train every time you ideally need to get out into the open environment more often! The only way to motivate yourself and free your mind and soul from the shackles of the commercial norm is to allow yourself the opportunity to consider just what you can achieve outside the confines of the gym. It’s hardly surprising that so many people, keen to improve their fitness, give up after only a few weeks.

What makes this site different is that it is becoming a collection of some of the best articles on the Net. We are in the process of getting some of the top trainers, nutritionists, body builders and all-round fitness experts to write for us. Hence giving us the edge over other blogs who don’t, by way of providing top quality info/know-how. Having so many contributors to one site, you will occasionally find contradictory opinions. We think that’s a good thing. Just like life itself, the laws and expectations of fitness are forever changing, there are new and refined methods of building, toning muscle and keeping fit, and new technology used in Muscle Fitness Workout routines. We will keep you up to date with Muscle Fitness and Workout trends and know-how, but don’t expect any fads.

The entire team at MuscleFitneWorkout.co.uk  will share some of the best information out there. Our aim is to motivate you. Show you what to do. The rest is up to you. Don’t forget the old cliché “No Pain No Gain”

Here’s what you will find on this site:

  • The best products and information at the best price
  • Workouts by some of the best personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts and body builders in the world
  • Nutrition and supplement information
  • The best and most popular training DVDs and books
  • Links to some of the most effective training programs

Disclaimer: Ordering through the links here will help offset many hours of work and other investments in setting up this Blog, reviewing hundreds of products in order to select the best for the money, and in promoting this site. Thank you in advance for your support!

Medicine balls, resistance bands and dumbbells are just some of the building blocks to a fitness, link those to nutrition, weight management, stress management and you are already starting to sing from our hymn sheet. End of the day it’s all about a lifestyle change; What is it that you truly want to achieve and how are you going to achieve it? So the bottom line in all this is if you have already made the decision to improve your lifestyle, but want to avoid the objects that have tripped up so many before you, then it could well be time to invest in a Personal Trainer. A Personal Trainer with a difference – this Blog, MuscleFitnessWorkout.co.uk is your Personal Trainer.

The Mission of MuscleFitnessWorkout.co.uk is to strengthen every man and woman’s health and well being through trusted, tailored, targeted research-based health promotion services and by engaging the community.

If you are interested in contributing your thoughts or in getting involved send us an email and we will respond. Other wise give us your feedback on the material you see and read and even let us know what you desire from this Blog and if we can we will.


We wish you great health, strength and fitness and hope that you, too, become a regular reader and contributor to MuscleFitnessWorkout.co.uk

The MFW Team
Chiswick, England