9 Sexy Fitness & Working out Facts



Exercise has been touted to do everything from treat depression to improve memory, with the power to cure a host of problems while preventing even more. Believe it or not, sex & exercise contribute to one another. Even though part of the fitness is about eating right and avoiding bad habits that a lot of you may enjoy. But you benefit in the bed for being fitness active and sex helps you in the gym in terms of stamina. So have fun while you’re at it, in the gym and in the bed! Here are few sexy exercise facts you’d want to know.

Do you want to increases your sex drive? With regular workout you’ll notice yourself feeling a little more friskier than normal. Men and Women who exercise regularly will want more sex more often than those who don’t exercise. Regularly exercise can boost your testosterone levels, increase blood flow “down there,” and even improve your orgasm/s.

2. The gym is a hot spot for checking people out
There is something about sweating in the gym and seeing others sweat. Guys flexing their muscles and whilst doing it they are checking every female in their. Women are just as guilty of this! But statistics show that out of all the people who meet in the gym/s 35% have better sex life then those who have met outside of the gym.
NOTE: Never ever go to a woman and try to chat whilst she is in the workout trance. It’s a no no!

3. Working out with your partner is sexy and healthy!
There is absolutely no reason not to train together, if you are in a relationship. Why not become healthy as couple. Believe me you’ll want to get it on after every workout session. Think about it, how healthy is that for a relationship? So start today and go pull, push, squeeze and lift.

4. Working out makes us look and feel more attractive
Working out and exercising makes us look and feel more attractive. Every time you workout, you’ll notice after, that you feel a little stronger and alert. Whether you really do have that 6 pack you’re dreaming of or not, your energy level goes through the roof. Research suggests that you are 20% more attractive to others then you think, when you are working out regularly.

5. Working out improves stamina in bed
It is common belief that people who work out last longer in bed and have a better time while at it! Guys who exercise regularly do last longer, on average than guys who don’t. Exercise helps to improve your energy level and Libido.

6. Working out increases endorphins
Exercise decreases the stress hormones and increases endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural feel good chemicals, and they are released through exercise, giving your mood a boost. Working out causes a chain reaction in the brain, which triggers the release of these hormones, which make us feel euphoric. Happier people are fitter and sexier!

7. Exercise improves self-esteem
Number of studies have shown, exercise improves self-esteem and self-confidence. Apart from boosting your confidence in every other aspect of your life, better self-esteem also leads to more confident in bed. Self-esteem helps people to be successful in their work, with family, and in love life.

8. Women who exercise regularly have better sex
We know it helps men, but women who have sex regularly report having better sex than their inactive counterparts. Exercising regularly can change the game for women who have mediocre sex. Regular exercise leads to being able to be aroused more easily, and reach orgasm sooner than women who don’t.
Regular exercise means more active sex life. Better sex, when and how they want it, is a characteristic of a physically active women.

9. Sex makes for good exercise!
Possibly the best argument for having sex, it makes really good exercise! Getting down with your partner increases the heart rate, changes metabolic rate, stretches muscles, and burns calories. That’s right! Sex is a workout! 

Healthy couple who turn it on 3 times per week, will work anywhere from 7,500 to 15,000 calories off per year!

Exercise, In addition to all that’s mentioned above; Reducing stress, improving sleep quality, improving energy, and reducing the risk of developing heart disease and of course great sex-life.
OK, so if you want even more sizzle, exercise for about 20 minutes right before you get intimate with your partner and you’ll never do it better!


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